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Welcome back to channel welcome back to the rc vlog, guys today, i’m, going to show you how to set up an rc car for the first time or just reset up your car basic good practice for car setup uh. But essentially i got my brand new techno. Et48 2.0 – and i got it it’s done built it’s it’s got it’s done, built it’s done, build it’s, it’s done being built, it’s got the body painted it’s ready to go. The only thing i need to do is put a setup on it and instead of me just do it. I got ta show you guys, it’ll be a good tech, tuesday thing so before i show you, i got ta show you something something else, not the setup thing, but i’m gon na show you something else. My painter messed up uh, my body is, is not the way i like it. It’S it’s, really. Bothering me i’m gon na show you guys. You guys tell me what you think in the description below not in description, but in the comments below am i just being neurotic. I don’t know but it’s damn, oh man here. It is so if you’re wondering, if you haven’t, noticed already, if you’re wondering what i’m talking about how my painter messed up, there’s my old truggy uh, which this one’s messed up too, because it should be gray um like that. However, this blue is too dark. It’S not baby blue.

I, like the baby blue, look they’re, really really light blue, i mean, obviously i can make it work. It still looks really good check out these stickers. These are some new stickers, i’m working with mac designs, to be able to put together a really cool uh, like basically a race decal sheet for some of the drivers and the racers out there. But you can do all different types of custom. Colors! Look at how clean those are um in general, i mean yeah. The car still looks super good, but i did want the baby blue like that, and not the royal blue like that dang it. So all complaining aside, the eb the et48 2.0 is complete. It looks so good. I love this body guys. I know you a lot there’s a lot of gossip going around about this body, whether people like it or not, i’m telling you right now mark my words. It is going to change the game and druggies because it basic it’s, basically like a big buggy, there’s, no air to go under here, um it’s, very raw, and it just serves its purpose. I i think it’s awesome and i like the design, it’s different and typically people don’t like different, which is why people are quick to say negative things about it, but i think it’s freaking awesome. I love different. Oh man, i’m. So excited about this thing, but yeah all we got left is the setup all right so on to setup so you’re, probably asking yourself: why am i in the kitchen it’s, because you want a nice level, solid spot to set your car up? In this case, i have a big kitchen island, like media, medium island thing, so that’s what we’re on median that’s, what i meant kitchen median island thing, yeah in the middle that’s, what we’re on we’re gon na set up on this? So the very very first thing i do whenever i set up cars is i set the droop uh, mainly because i forgot to do that before and droop is, when you forget droop it.

It makes a big difference. So if you’re wondering what droop is a droop, it droof guys, i haven’t eaten lunch. Yet this is pre lunch. If you’re wondering what droop is droop is how far your arms travel down so there’s a little screw in here that you can screw in or in or out, and it basically sets how long your arms can travel down. Now not all cars have a droop, a droop limiter in there, which is part of the reason why cars pull shock caps and shock bottoms because there’s nothing to stop the arm from traveling all the way down, except for the shock. So if you can imagine when you wreck your shocks, getting pulled all the way apart, that’s what’s, causing those failures so on race, cars and higher end cars, you will have a droop limiter and basically, the way i like set my droop to start. This is assuming you, don’t have a setup sheet which, by the way, the very first thing, the very first thing or something that gets asked me all the time is what starting setup should i use a lot of people will try to like run a pro setup, Guys pros drive completely different than you drive, i mean they could probably drive anything even if it was a bad setup, not to say they have bad setup, but they have a very everyone drives differently. So, just because you have a pro set up, doesn’t mean you’re going to drive like a pro i like to do a like a baseline setup.

So basically, i use the box stock setup first and then i kind of tune from there. But assuming i didn’t have a setup like i’m, not even looking at the setup sheet. I’M just got done, building it and want to get the car ready for the track. Setting the droop first, so let me set the droop, but before i set the droop because i’m going to move the camera over here, so you can see what i’m doing hit the like button hit the like and make sure you subscribe and turn the notification bell. There’S a lot of cool things coming, and i finally remember to plug that in the middle of my video all right guys, y’all are gon na get the gut shot for a little bit. Yep yeah i got a belly. It is what it is. I’M gon na move the car stand here so in this area right over here, there’s a screw in here that you can back in and out and what i do. What i do is i back it out. I back it out all the way, so basically, that screw is touching the bottom of your chassis or the top of your chassis, and what i do is i back it out all the way where it’s not touching anything at all and then i’ll start screwing it In until i see it, move up just a little bit, meaning it’s max drew so i’m screwing it in there.

It came up just a little bit. That means that it’s now touching the chassis, um that’s max droop that’s, how you want it! Basically, you want the chassis and the droop screw to take the brunt of the hit, not your shock, so that is max droop now i’m going to just double check here, all right. So once you set one side of your droop, so basically i just set my left side up the most important thing, isn’t as much. It is important on how much it it droops down, but that’s a tuning option right how much you can droop down, but the most important thing is that both sides are the same. So what i like to do is i basically like to see which side, if both sides hit at the same time, that’s good, but i want both sides. Essentially, what i’m doing is i’m, just lifting the car up, like so and i’m, just making sure the arms touch down at the same time, which this side is already the max group is already set so looks like looks like the left. The right side is already set up, also so that’s the best way to set your car up. If you don’t have a droop gauge now i have a droop gauge i’m gon na double check it real, quick, um, so what’s funny is i the way i set my group up just now. How you saw me set it up where i basically set max tube on one side and leveled them out um max droop on this side.

This was out looking at without looking at the main, or this. The basic setup is 121. that’s. What i set it up as by myself, just trying it out let’s see what the base setup is guys. Look at this right there, the base setup is 121. see, so i set it up the way. I would set it up to start off by myself without looking at the manual, and it is exactly what the base setup says to do, which is great. 121. let’s check this side. Sorry, let me get more in the middle of the frame here. This one is just a little too high, all right now, i’m gon na do the same to the back, all right guys. Next, we are going to set ride height, so the way you sit right height is you want to put tires on wheels and tires on um. I actually have my hoodie setup station out i’m going to show you guys what this is all about, but you do not need this for off road. So my take on the hoodie setup station is it’s cool and basically it will get your car set up perfect for the track. So basically, when you put your car down on the track, it’s gon na go straight. It’S gon na be nice, but you can do all this stuff without the hoodie set up station i’m gon na use it anyways um to show you guys. I wan na need the little wheel nuts in here it comes with these little.

These little thumb screw wheel. Nuts, which is nice because i’m going to be taking my wheels and tires on and off like crazy, but we’re going to sit right here, real quick, let me put tires on and i’ll show you all right. So there are several different ways to check ride height. This is how i check ride height uh. Very first thing: you want to make sure you want to make sure your car has its body and battery in, because you want it to be the weight that it would be if it goes on the track. Yes, i know i’m missing wheel, nuts and the way you want to do this is you basically want to take it and just drop it and then that’s, basically, where the ride height is so the way i like to set right height to start. This is without looking at the manual. Is i like the arms to be perfectly level, so basically, you want the arms to be perfect level, so these, like a perfectly level plane so let’s, see it, looks like it’s a little high in the front right now. So we’re gon na lower down in the front all right so she’s perfectly level in the front, so i’ll kind of show you guys real quick. What that looks like see how she sits. The arms sit perfectly level in the front uh, maybe just slightly slightly higher than middle, not even probably perfect, but the springs will settle so that accounts, for that do the same thing for the back, and this is how you would want to set up your rtrs.

Also, if you’re not sure what your setup should be they’re designed to be perfectly level like that so that’s, where you definitely want to start so something quick to note. You can use digital calipers to make sure that the distance between the spring and the shock cap or the retainer and shock cap are exactly the same that’s if you’re super crazy, meticulous, i’m meticulous, but not that much like i can pretty much see you can count Threads also, some people count the threads to make sure you have the same amount of threads to make sure your car is the same right height on each side. So after you have this set up correctly. Basically, what you want is you want this? I, like the rear to be slightly higher, just the slightest bit higher than the front which that’s the way it looks. Um again, i’m, not going by the ride height that the box says i’m go or the setup seat says i’m, going with the right height on how i set cars up for the first time, because ride height can change and vary per track there. We go very level up front and then in the back level, in the back all right guys. So this next part i’m going to check camber and tow. So you can check camber with the camber gauge just using these the wheels and tires that are on it. But i’m actually going to put it on the hoodie setup station um the hoodie setup station is really cool.

Like i said you don’t need it. Uh per se like it’s, not like you’re gon na be at a big disadvantage. If you don’t use it, but it does, it is very precise when it comes to setup again, in my opinion, off road, you don’t need it maybe for on road, it makes sense actually for on road. It definitely makes sense but i’m going to set this whole thing up on the hoodie setup station i’ll show you camber what the camera looks like i’m, not going to go into detail on how you check each one of these things: um i’ll kind of quickly brush Over it uh, however, you can do this without the hoodie setup station, but i’m gon na throw it on here because it’s cool, so let me put it on all right, so she’s on the hoodie setup station. So, as you can see, you can see the angle of camber. You have on each tire um these aren’t, these aren’t set yet right, so we still got, but it looks like look on this one you can see. There is a lot of camber in the back. There um, then we’ll, take a look at this one again lots of camber, so what i’m going to do is i’m going to set my steering straight first. So whenever you mount your steering horn, you want to make sure you turn the car basically turn the car on before you put the servo horn on and then what i like to do to make sure it’s perfectly center all right.

So what i like to do to make sure perfect center, i have my remote out here: i’m gon na actually have the car on um, but i like the the ackermann, the steering acronym up here. I like it to be perfectly in the center and then i’ll set the toe on based on that by the way that is just a dummy battery. That is not the battery. I run in here it’s uh, one that was equivalent to the weight and i had it ready so yeah, so my steering acronym is already set to the middle. I already checked it whenever turn the car on and now i’m going to set my toe. So i can basically toe is how much your tires are pointing out or in in the front. A good rule of thumb is just start with zero dorito, so i’m, probably gon na do maybe one degree out because we’re going to thornhill – and i know i need that so i’ll show you guys what it looks like on the tail gauge. Oh man, she’s loud. I got that pro tech fan in there that protect fan cools down crazy anyway. So this is the reason why i actually bought the hoodie setup station as you can. If you can see man, my camera can’t get it because it doesn’t know how to get it. But if you can see there’s like little basically markings on here, you can tell how much toe you have.

So basically, i want to check this side i’ll push it all the way in. I can check that side. If i want to check this side, i push it all the way in again let’s see if i can get it there, you go and i can check this side, so my toe is off so basically i’m going to check the toe. I want it to be about negative, not negative, but one degree out and then i’ll set, my camber camber for the front should be anywhere between negative one and negative three. That means, basically, the top of your tire, is slightly in further than the bottom of your tire, so i am going to set the toe and the camber kind of together until i get it exactly where i want so right now, you can see here the right Side, let me see if i can get it to focus there. You go. The right side is like negative, maybe four or not four but four degrees out. That was actually the left side and the right side is five degrees out. So i need to basically turn these steering linkages until they’re, both one degree out all right, so we got the front set up perfect. We look like we’re about one degree camber in the front. I think it’s negative camera in the front. So that means the top of your tire is in a little bit further than the bottom of your tire um same with this side, negative one degree i believe, it’s negative, and then you can see here on this side.

I have about one degree toe out here, shift this over one degree toe out so now i just need to do my rear camber. So again you don’t need this super fancy setup station. However, you can get. I think i don’t know of a better way to get toe. That was the whole reason why i got it is. I know that the toe is accurate, so that’s, the big thing with set up says you can do 12 camber. You can just use a camera gauge which these are just cool. Oh man, she is perfect negative. Two in the rear, camber negative one in the front camber one degree out in tow ride height set droop set. It is ready for the track. Oh, it looks so good, oh i’m, so excited. But yes, i hope this helped guys. This is how i set up my cars for the first time on the track. Oh one last thing i got to do, i forgot. I got to set end points really quick. Um, i will actually do another video on how to set end points uh, but essentially what you want to do to set end points. Is you want your car to be perfectly level so it’s good to take the wheels and tires off set it down flat and then basically back your endpoint adjustments down to like eighty percent? That way, you know, you’re not gon na go all the way and then we’re gon na set end points.

So i’m gon na set end points real, quick and then we’ll close. This video holy smokes guys. She is ready, she’s, perfect, perfect. I even got the signature right: rear wheel, nut the msm trademark, white red wheel, nut that’s, a tongue twister. If you, if you have one, go over to the msm drivers meeting page and post a picture of it, i want to see the uh msm right, rear, wheel, nut man, i can’t say that fast anyways she’s ready. I hope this video helped you guys. Basically, that is what i go through after i get done, building a kit and i throw the car on the i’m about to throw the car on the track for the first time yeah, i get a good setup like that to start um, but setups change per Track so yeah they change throughout the time, but this is a really good starting setup and maybe right when i throw it on it’s perfect.

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